Ken and the Prick

Ken is one of those Nice Guys. He goes about life trying to do the right thing.
He is sensitive, smart, a good listener, likes sports cars, a good martini
or microbrew, and like all healthy men, he likes sex. Sex with women.

But unlike a lot of men, getting laid is not the most important thing in
Kent's life. But it IS the most important thing in the life of his penis. And
due to the close proximity of his penis it's hard for Kent not to be influenced
by his penis' constant urgings. You might say his penis has his ear.

This relationship between Ken and his penis might explain the Bad Boy
that exists in all us men. How Bad are we? It all depends on how often we
listen to that little voice in our…little head.

I hope you enjoy Ken and the Prick.

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note: Ken and the Prick is an interactive cartoon. Simply click on each  image
as it is viewed. For best results we humbly ask you to view the cartoon twice. Once as
it painfully downloads, and then again after everything is in place. Thank you.