From my recent trip out West
by Peter Kohlsaat

For all practical purposes the trip has reached its conclusion. We have posted some photos that didn't make the previous dispatches. We hope you enjoy these. The sight will remain up in case you wish to revisit it or tell your friends about it.

Please let us know what you thought about the project: things you may have particularly enjoyed, things that could use improvement, (lord knows I would do things differently in some cases), ideas on how we might actually make something like this a profitable endeavor. Any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks to all of you for visiting the twz site. I had a great time talking with all of you who emailed me. You were a great audience.

From, Zelda, me, and Rob, (the man behind the scenes)- happy traveling.


Click a picture to see it enlarged:
Zelda at the geographic center of North America
Zelda in dinosaur country.
Sun River looking downstream from Gibson Dam
Gibson reservoir
Rookie league baseball in Billings, MT.
Zelda on the Big Horn River.
Co-pilot Zelda.
Zelda on the Big Horn River.
Nightfall, Wade Lake.
Typical camp
Traveling Kohlie-style
Fort Peck Reservoir